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*all prices and features are subject to change without notice
Shingles Nailed Shingles Air Gun Applied Nails or Staples We nail our shingles so they will last longer, be more consistent and better fastened for maximum performance.
Sub Floor 3/4″ Tongue and Groove Floor Decking 19/32″ Tongue and Groove Floor Decking Stronger floors 25% thicker.
Sub Floor Floor Secured with Spiral Nails and Glue Floor Secured by Staples Reduced floor squeaks.
Structure Custom Ridge Beam Manufactured on Site with 3 Layers of 5 ply Structure One Plywood LBL Laminated Beam or Wood I-beam Stronger back bone of house and allows more design floor plan flexibility.
Bathroom 1 Piece Fiberglass Tubs and Showers (Excluding Runners) 3 Piece Plastic Tubs and Showers More durable, less leaks and easier to keep clean.
Carpets 100% Solution Dyed Carpet Sprayed On Carpet Treatments Clean our carpets with bleach solution and more stain resistant.
Cabinets 3/8″ Solid End Panels on Cabinet Systems 1/8″ Lauan or MDF Paneling on Side of Cabinets More durable stronger cabinet system.
Windows 9 over 9 White Grid Windows (Excluding Runners) 6 over 6 White Grid Windows More residential appeal.
Windows Upgraded Low E Windows Optional (Excluding Runners) Vinyl Windows are Optional Lower utility bills.
Insulation R-21 Standard Roof Insulation R- 14 Standard Roof Insulation Lower utility bills.
Eaves Residential Fully Ventilated Cement Fiber Board Eaves Metal Eaves Neater residential finish and better ventilation.
Frame Rolled I-beam Frames with Full Width Outriggers Corrugated I-beams Stronger frame for the foundation of your home.
Light Fixtures Upgraded 13″ Glass Light Fixtures Some Glass, Some Plastic More residential appeal.
Electrical Outlets Stud Mounted Switches and Electrical Outlets Butterfly Boxes (They Should Call Them “Moth” Boxes) Will not pull through sheet rock.